H I M Ministries Australia & Beyond

Since 1991, H.I.M Ministries, (Harb International Ministries) has been ministering the Gospel message of love by FAITH & ACTION throughout: Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Russia, Malaysia, USA, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, England, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, India, Fiji and Pakistan through:

* Mercy Work – Relief AID/ Care / Shelter & Support to :

Orphans, poor & needy, widows & Orphanage building projects

*Medical Primary health care attention

* Refugee outreach from war-torn and natural disaster affected areas

*Evangelism (Personal one on one Friendship evangelism & open air Crusades)

*Pioneering & Church Planting

*Discipleship Training, Education, Teaching & Preaching

*Establishing small businesses and Computer/ English language training courses (T.E.S.O.L)

*Organizing Mission Trips (from Australia into other nations)

*Working alongside & supporting existing ministries and ministers

*Supporting the Persecuted  & their families

* Mobilising the body of Christ into world Evangelism & Missions


Pastor / Missionary

Paul Harb