Ministerial History

1988-1990 Converted & Served in local church, Wollongong NSW Australia

1991-1993  First missions trip to Palm Island-Townsville Australia
Second missions trip to Argentina.

Aboriginal Ministry

  • Discipleship Training School (D.T.S)
  • Youth with a Mission (Y.W.A.M) Perth ,W .Australia
  • Part 1 Theory 3 months
  • Part 2 Practical 3 month Outreach to S. Argentina
  • Mission Calling in Argentina

1994-1995 Third missions trip to Argentina

Church Planting & building projects

  • Relief Aid work
  • Feeding & clothing the poor
  • Theological Training in Argentina

1996-1998 Pastored the International Christian Church in Wollongong – Australia Forth missions trip to India

During this time we led a group of 12 to India for 3 months to:

  • Build an Orphanage , worked & cared for 1000 Orphans
  • Relief Aid work to Indian and Russia
  • Church Planting, Preaching, Teaching & Street Evangelism
  • Teaching English

1999-2001 Fifth missions trip to Argentina and Bolivia

  • Itinerant Teaching, Preaching & Evangelism in Arg & Bol
  • Teaching English course (as an outreach for six month ) in Arg
  • Planted three home Churches In Arg
  • Helping & Organizing Healing & Evangelistic Crusades in Argentina
  • Teaching at YWAM Schools & leading teams in Bolivia
  • Teaching on Islam

2001-2002 Overseeing the Dept. of Missions & Evangelism in our local church

  • Teaching Evangelism Courses
  • Organizing the Muslim month of Prayer during Ramadan
  • Itinerant Preaching , in Australia

2002-2003 Sixth missions trip to Argentina , USA, Egypt, Siria, Jordan and Lebanon

  • Ministry in Argentina and USA
  • Missions Conference and Ministry in Egypt
  • Ministry in Syria ,Jordan and Lebanon
  • Spying and exploring the Land

2004-2009 Seventh missions trip to Argentina

  • Planted the first Australian Church in San Juan-Argentina
  • Received many mission teams from Australia, USA & Africa

2009 (July-September) Australia

  • 3 months Itinerary preaching throughout Australia

2009-2010 Eighth missions trip to Peru and Argentina

  • Ministry in Peru and among the amazon jungle tribal people
  • Continued ministry in Argentina

2010-2014 Ninth missions trip – Itinerary preaching & ministry throughout:

  • Argentina, Lebanon & Australia

2014-2016 Tenth missions trip – Itinerary preaching & ministry throughout:

  • Lebanon, Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, France, England, Spain, India, Malaysia & Australia

2017 Eleventh missions trip to Pakistan


HIM MNISTRIES -Australia & beyond is an international relief aid charity, commited to provide the needs of food/water/ clothing and shelter of the poor and needy in natural disaster and war effected areas around the world.